You pay for SEO, that is search engine optimization. to make sure you are doing everything you can for a natural organic ranking.  So that when people type your keywords into a search engine, your website is displayed.  You need to understand the process takes time.  You need to understand that taking shortcuts can penalize your company.  You need to understand that SEO is not a replacement for marketing.

You need to think of SEO as doing what you can, in order to make sure you are indexed and displayed by search engines.

After you have a website has proper SEO, then you can start learning about SEM.  Search Engine Marketing.  This is when you play the games for rankings.  SEM is when you play for market share.  Don’t confuse SEM and SEO.  They both go together, but they accomplish different things.

Want to find out if an SEO plan will be able to help you?  Give me a call at 920-889-0685 or contact me via email, and I will discuss the realities of your situation with you.

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