The hardest part about writing is getting words on the paper.  The About Me page is definitely a very difficult page to create content for.

In order to speed up the About Me page creation I set about finding a formula anyone can use to make a page that can work for them.

This about me will work for 95%+ of users out there.  Feel free to alter or edit the formula for your personal needs.

The basic premise is that you can answer all these questions and string them together into a few paragraphs.

Answer these questions and follow these instructions to make a great About Me page:

  • Who are you?  Clearly state your name and/or your company.  ”    Who are you – your name / relationship to the company “My name is X and I am the proud owner of Z”
  • Explain what you do.  Present what you do clearly, without a lot of lingo.  A grade-schooler or Jr. High school kid should understand it.
  • Who is this page for?  Be super clear who your audience is.
  • How are you different and better?  Again steer clear of lingo.  Children should be able to understand what you are saying.
  • Why do you do this?  Insert a few sentences about your passion for the service you offer.  What makes you want to offer this product or service?  Make a real emotional connection with your reader here.
  • Make an appearance.  Show yourself!  Present a great picture of yourself and your business.  A video and a list of preferred ways to connect with you are also a great idea.  Your customers want to connect with you.  Give them a way to begin relating to you and your company.
  • Start a conversation.  When someone gets to the bottom of your About Me page, don’t let the reader hit a wall.  Give them a link, or a contact form, or a way to buy something.  Don’t make your reader click thru other menus to get to your store or service.  Make it easy on them!

These steps are both simple and difficult.  Ask friends and family for help.  Make something up to get started!  When you invest in business cards and other print collateral, get a few pictures taken for your website as well!

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