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The hardest thing I find to do is start something.  This blog has literally sat around with 2 pictures on it for 5 years.  Today I have decided I should start fixing the place up.  I once successfully kept up a travel blog about living in an RV for 3 years.  I posted 3 times a week, and achieved some level of internet fame.  I scored some free stuff from it, but it wasn’t he financial escape everyone hoped it would be.

Today I put some pages in place, I got rid of the lorem Ipsem place holder text and slammed in some pictures.

Later on this week I will start posting up content and being more intentional about content.

Starting things is the hardest, finishing things is the next hardest.

I have a list of over 350 + quotes, and the most applicable can be summarized as “Starting out is the 80% of the work.  Finishing is the next 80%”

I have lots of ideas and thoughts to share.  This blog is more personal then my last one, because it is about my crazy thoughts and ideas.  These ideas are built around My beliefs and values, and not around a central theme like travel or money.  Some of you are going to like it, and some of you are going to be angry by the ideas.

The other point of the blog is my books.  I am almost done with my 5th book, and my first book is just waiting on a cover.  I’ll do my best to share those experiences as well.

I don’t know why I am blogging.  We will see.  Google looks to pretty much have censored all the blogs for your protection.  That means little to no compensation can happen with a blog anymore.  I’m still excited to document and share what I’ve been thinking and learning about.  Hopefully in a few months I’ll also fix it so you can just subscribe and get the blog emailed to you If you are interested.

2023 looks to be a good year, and I look forward to sharing with you what I have been working on.